The new breed of forward thinking strategists

The ever changing market conditions require that companies should continually find new ways of staying ahead of the competition. The digital revelation has created a new atmosphere and environment that shifts the culture of business into the 21st Century. This calls for the rethinking, redesigning and improving of Information Technology strategies, business processes and business applications in order to support the overall business effectively. To deal with the constant changes in the business environment, we provide businesses with a range of Information Technology services and business applications to enhance business performance whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Who we are

eSoftwareSolutions is a new-age breed of forward-thinking business and productivity strategies, with hands on approach to business methodology and process, and a full spectrum of information technology skills at our disposal. The core team was drawn from the strategic career-paths of Business Consulting, Project Management, Software Development and Information Technology.

The range of interest and skills enables us to keep ahead of developments and trends, which influence the tactics we employ in our customer base, allowing them to continuously evolve within the life-cycle dictated by the fast moving technology arena.

How Can we be of service to you?

We know what you have been told, that over time you have invested heavily in technology, and keeping up with the on-demand nature of today’s business arena is going to take more investment. The technology experts all come up with solutions that will improve a facet of the business, but does not necessarily mean the overall productivity will show improvement?

eSoftwareSolutions comes in from a business perspective, analyses your applications, audits the effectiveness and efficiency of your document and records keeping and management , analyses the flow and documentation and scrutinizes not only your costs, but your levels of customer satisfaction in your existing situation.

eSoftwareSolutions is 100% black owned. We are committed to the principles and best practices of Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity and Skills Development. Key objectives are to create opportunities for employment and skills development for previously disadvantaged individuals, both within our own organisation and also through facilitating the creation and development of emerging enterprises.